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Why should a homeowner consider insurance?

Home insurance is a buffer against the unexpected, whether that’s theft or damage to a property. It’s a way to protect yourself from risk and make sure you don’t suffer financial hardship as a result of things happening over which you have little or no control.

The price you pay – the premium – is determined by the likelihood of such things happening. If you live in an area where there is a high risk of flooding, for example, home insurance costs could be higher than if you live somewhere that only floods occasionally.

Some insurance is mandatory – lenders require that you take out buildings insurance as a minimum – whereas other types are voluntary and will depend on your personal circumstances.

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Our expert advisers can help by finding you the right deal on all types of home and contents insurance. We deliver our insurance services in partnership with Paymentshield, one of the UK's leading insurance distributors and administrators.

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A legal requirement for homeowners, buildings insurance covers the cost of structural repairs and rebuilding in the event of damage caused, for example, by fire, extreme weather or subsidence.

Moving home


While it isn't mandatory, taking out contents insurance can save you having to spend your savings or withdraw equity from your home to cover the damage or theft of your possessions.

Buy to let


If you’re a landlord, you’ll want to ensure your rental property is covered against any form of financial loss, whether that’s damage, theft or loss of rental income from your tenants. Let us help.

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